Windermere Lake Recovery CIC (Community Interest Company) was set up by myself in 2022. The remit of the CIC is to complete works that will address the communities' growing concerns over the destruction/ecological degradation of Englands largest lake, Windermere. I work with land owners in the Windermere catchment to implement natural solutions to the growing water quality pressure. This also allows better and quicker nature recovery, reduces the impact of future flood events and reduces the ongoing phosphorous pollution at point sources.

Diffuse agricultural run off is a contributor to the phosphorous pollution damaging Windermere. By helping to reduce this, it will centre more attention on further infrastructural changes needed to tackle the 70% of phosphorous input that comes from sewage and human related activity in the catchment.

Natural solutions that I implement range from; river restorations, riparian extensions, fen and bog recovery, tree planting, invasive species removal to just name a few of the activities that CIC completes.

A large part of the work the CIC does revolves around education and being able to communicate what exactly is happening in Windermere and how people can help. One way this is achieved is by going into local primary schools and speaking to children about the Eurasian River Otters life history and how worsening water quality is putting them at risk.

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